To get known oneself and others with DiSC Profile

DiSC helps you to improve communication, work productivity and teamwork. DiSC increases your self knowledge, about how you respond to conflict, about what motivates you, what causes you stress, and how you solve problems.

Mit DiSG sich selbst und andere besser verstehen

DiSG hilft Ihnen, Ihre Kommunikation zu verbessern, Ihre Produktivität zu steigern und Ihr Teamwork effektiver zu gestalten. Mit DiSG schaffen Sie eine sichere Entscheidungsbasis, damit Sie mit Mitarbeitern, Kunden und Kooperationspartnern typgerecht und damit erfolgreicher umgehen.

Four behavior styles, four letters

  • Dominance - direct, results focused, questioning
  • influence - enthusiastic, sociable, optimistic
  • Steadiness - moderate-paced, cooperative, patient
  • Conscientiousness - analytical, accuracy-focused, cautious

The scientific background of the present DiSC profile was developed by the University of Minnesota in the 1960s. More than 30 years of research and development have resulted in a reliable product at the highest level. Today, DiSC is the most widespread tool for personal assessment. Every year, more than a million people worldwide use DiSC to learn how to interact more effectively with others and how to bring out their best.

DiSC - Introduction video


DiSC is an online assessment-delivery system. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to answer the questionnaire. After that, we generate a computer based description of your strengths, weaknesses and development potentials, so you will have your conclusion quickly. This will be discussed with a qualified and certified DiSC coach or in practical training.

Advantage for your company

If you analyze the behavior of your colleagues and job applicants, you will not only set the stage for more effective personnel development and training activites; you will furthermore set the preconditions for a more concerted personnel selection and integration of employees and executives in your teams. What comes more, you have a secure basis to communicate individually and more successfully with colleagues, clients and partners.

Advantage for you

The model of DiSC describes the behavior of a person and defines why this person acts like they do. To get to know yourself also means to get to known others. With DiSC, everyone is able to learn how to relate well with people who they do not understand and probably prejudiced against. This insight is the real profit for you, in your working environment (management, sales, with colleagues and employees) and in your personal relationships. You will act in the most effective way if you know your own attitude and it's style, so that you are able to evaluate a situation and adopt your behavior most flexibly.

DiSC areas of application


Managers get sensitized to the personnel preferences and deficits in the figuration of their industrial relations. The DiSC management profile helps executives to develop their own management style, which is flexible for different situations and for different individuals.


The DiSC sales profile is an important factor of success for millions of salesman, a business that becomes ever more challenging.
With the DiSC sales profile you are able to concentrate much better on the requirements of your clients and thus to develop individual sales strategies. Salesmen become customer relationship managers.

Team-/organization development

To be successful in a team, it is important to know the potential of your team members and to know how to bring these forward. Each team member will become more effective if they are able to work at full strength. Working in a team means collaboration at the highest level.

Coaching + self-development

DiSC helps you to find your strengths, limits and potential for your personal self-development. So you learn to know yourself better and as a result to better deal with others.


If you have a complex process of change, an analysis with DiSC helps you to diagnose obstacles and to understand the dynamic of an organization. This is a good basis to act with more focus and speed.

Identification of manpower potential

DiSC helps you to become aware of your own behavior, even of your unknowing behavior. DiSC also helps you to develop talents and to develop personality.

Personnel selection

The DiSC profile supports you in your selection of job applicants or for the career planning of your employees. It is able to recognize the person that fits into your team in the best way.

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